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Why the Holidays Are an Ideal Time to Sell

If you’re taking a pause on your home selling plans for the holidays, this is your sign not to do that. Really. As we’re about to explain, the holiday season in Connecticut is an ideal time for selling your home. Why? Let us count the ways …

Serious and Motivated Buyers Only

Anyone shopping for homes during the holiday season is 100% committed to finding one. Either they’re relocating for a new job, searching for a second property or seeking that house to better fit their lifestyle – whatever the case may be, holiday home shoppers want to close, fast. 

Holiday Charm is the Jolliest Curb Appeal

Sure, your home is beautiful every day of the year but during the holidays, it literally sparkles. From outdoor lights to festive wreaths, holiday decor brings out the very best in your property. 

Competition Dims to Make Your Home Shine Bright

Most sellers think, “Put my home on the market over the holidays? No thanks.” But their reluctance is your gain because it means even less competition for homes in your price point. With inventory still at low levels throughout Central CT, listing your home will make it truly stand out among the few properties on the market this holiday season.

A Solid Plan Avoids Any Holiday Speed Bumps

The real key to selling over the holidays is finding the right sales professional to guide you through the process and make sure it isn’t stressful in any way. This means putting together a customized marketing plan to secure the highest price in the least amount of time possible; setting you up for success post-sale (whether it’s finding a temporary rental home or buying a new one); and guiding you effortlessly through every part of the transaction, so your entire selling experience is smooth, easy and as joyous as the holiday season.

Ready to sell and take advantage of this incredible market? Let’s talk about the benefits of selling today:  carlguild@gmail.comc