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Was Your New Year’s Resolution to Buy a Home?

When the clock strikes midnight, we all have resolutions we’ve made in our minds that now suddenly become real. Wake up and go for that run, spend less time on your phone, drink more water, learn to embrace the nutritious delights of Brussels sprouts. (They’re very good when crispy and well-seasoned.) And maybe this year as the ball dropped, you resolved to make 2022 the time you buy a house.

If this sounds like you, I have just five words: The time to buy is now.  

Before you know it we’ll be hosting backyard July Fourth barbecues, drinking pumpkin spice latte, hanging holiday lights and preparing for yet another new year. Don’t let your real estate goals pass you by! And in case you need some encouragement from a professional, I have three solid reasons why you should buy ASAP: 

  • Interest Rates

There’s a lot of hype around rising interest rates and while they’ll hover around 3.6% this year, they’re still higher than they were last year at this time and expected to rise to about 4% in 2023. Take advantage of the lower rates now. The longer you wait, the higher they’ll go. 

  • A Better Lifestyle Fit

These past few years brought about so many changes in the ways we work, live and play. From at-home gyms to work-from-home offices, there are so many features you can find in your new home that will better suit your current lifestyle. Plus, if all you need is a little more space, it’s worth it to find a home that delivers. 

  • Price Appreciation 

Like rates, prices continue on their upward trajectory, and while the rate of price appreciation will slow, the direction prices travel isn’t expected to make any sudden U-turns in the next 12 months. The longer you sit on the sidelines, the more likely it is that when it comes time to play (and win) the game of homeownership, you’ll encounter even higher prices than you’ll find right now. 

Ready to achieve your real estate resolutions? Contact us and we’ll get started on your journey to a new home today!