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W Thompsun (Zillow)

We had not sold a home in 30 years (a condo in 1986 before moving into the house that Carl sold) so this was essentially a new experience for us. We talked to a number of brokers as part of our due diligence, but Carl put us at ease immediately and we decided quickly he was the broker we wanted to use. We discussed sale price and Carl was prepared with a full list of recent sale comps and where our house would fall – in fact, his price-point was higher than I had estimated. He walked us through the process outlining each step of the way. When we walked each room in the house he pointed out things we should – and as importantly, should not – do. Remove wall paper and repaint a neutral color, don’t redo the bathroom – the buyer will have their own ideas, clean off the refrigerator, etc. We out our house on the market at a difficult time (early September, right after school had started) and had little activity to begin with. But Carl said to sit tight and we did. After a few showings with no offers, we received our first offer in early November. It was within 5% of our asking price. We countered once and the deal was done. Carl then walked us through the home inspection process and advised on which items to accept and which items to reject (I would have accepted most of them). He also had recommended contractors though we used our own on a few of the items. When those were all addressed we prepared for the closing which went very smoothly – no last minute issues or hassles. Overall, what had begun as a venture into uncharted territory for us turned out to be a very successful sale. We couldn’t be happier with the result and would recommend Carl wholeheartedly!