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This is How to Have the Best Summer Ever in Your Own Backyard!

Ah, the great outdoors. Don’t you just love the soft wind rustling through your hair and the rejuvenation of a warm, summer breeze? While it’s undeniably fun to go camping in East Hampton or East Haddam, bike the Airline Trail, or hike through a trail at Gillette’s Castle you really don’t need to travel anywhere to experience the freeing calm of nature. Instead, the great outdoors can happen right in your own backyard.

Here are a few ideas for creating an at-home oasis that’s as cozy as it is chic:

Bring your indoor furniture outside. Yep, you read that right. Your outside space should be an extension of your home, so why shouldn’t you bring the inside out? Furniture that works well outdoors should definitely be considered, everything from wicker chairs to eclectic pillows and furniture upholstered in darker shades to avoid mud or grass stains. If something isn’t weather-resistant, bring it back inside whenever you’re done enjoying your yard al fresco.

Aim for aesthetics and good vibes. You would not believe how much string lights brighten up an outdoor space (literally and aesthetically)! No nearby outlets for lights? All good. Using solar lights or battery-powered candles can still set the mood. Adding succulents, bright flowers and statement vases to any outdoor space will also bring color and texture to any yard, porch or patio. 

Offer sitting options everywhere and anywhere. If you’ve got the space, use it! If you don’t have the space, work with it! The key to a large yard is to create intimate nooks and plenty of comfortable sitting spaces. For a smaller yard, consider unique seating options like a hammock, egg chair, large floor pillows or a hanging chair. 

Have fun with it! A backyard is, above all, an oasis, and it should make you feel totally and completely at home whenever you’re there. Maybe that means you replace seating with tree stumps from the lumber yard, hang a tire swing from the tallest tree or bring in a water feature like a fountain or a small pond. Maybe you fill that pond with koi fish, and maybe you sit by the pond each afternoon and watch your fish grow. Or maybe you don’t. The best part about a backyard is that it’s totally and completely yours.

Not sure where to start prepping your yard for summer? We can help! Reach out any time and let’s talk outdoor décor: [email protected]