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REALTOR® Safety Month: Protecting Your Home During a Sale

September is officially REALTOR® Safety Month in Connecticut and around the world. While safety is always top priority, this month serves as an important reminder to keep safety front and center during all stages of the home transaction. Safety is especially critical for sellers, who open their homes to virtual strangers during aptly named open houses and walk-throughs. So, how can you, the seller, keep your home, property and family safe? Read on … 

Keep your personal information stored in a safe place. Either you can utilize that empty shelf at the very, very top of your closet (we all have one) to stow away sensitive documents or purchase an actual safe and put your bills, letters and mail inside. You can also use it to store any jewelry or valuables you have in your home.

Lock your devices and be sure they’re password protected. While laptops should be stored safely away, you may not be able to move a large desktop computer. Before an open house or walk-through, check that the computer is locked and password protected.

Keep your trash in the trash. If you have outdoor trash cans, place your trash squarely inside them, especially if it could give potential burglars a clue about what’s inside your home. Any boxes for newly purchased electronics or other expensive items should be broken down and put inside the trash bins.

Mentally review your home each time you enter. Of course, the agent will keep a watchful eye on your house when prospective buyers are inside but ultimately, you know your home better than anyone. When you return, take a few minutes to audit each room and confirm nothing is missing or damaged. The sooner you can act on stolen property, the greater chance you have of recovering it.

At the end of the day, keeping you and your home safe is a shared responsibility. Your agent can guide you in the best practices for the safest experience possible but safety is an endeavor you’ll accomplish together. 

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