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Spring Cleaning: 4 Ways to Declutter Your Home

Way, way back in the 1400s, the word “clotern” was used to describe a blockage or clot “formed by heaping things on top of each other.” In the 1570s, the term evolved to “clutter,” defined as: “Things lying in heaps or crowde...

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Was Your New Year’s Resolution to Buy a Home?

When the clock strikes midnight, we all have resolutions we’ve made in our minds that now suddenly become real. Wake up and go for that run, spend less time on your phone, drink more water, learn to embrace the nutritious delights of Bru...

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Homesellers: Here are 4 Ways to Wow Buyers

You get it. Prices here have appreciated to record highs, mortgage rates are still historically low, and you understand now is the time to sell to get the most value from one of your best long-term investments: your home. If you’...

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Why the Holidays Are an Ideal Time to Sell

If you’re taking a pause on your home selling plans for the holidays, this is your sign not to do that. Really. As we're about to explain, the holiday season in Connecticut is an ideal time for selling your home. Why? Let us count the wa...

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Here’s How to Stage Your Home like a Pro!

Selling a home without a real estate agent is risky business (and only 8% of homes sold last year were closed without the help of an agent). But there are some ways you can be proactive in the home-selling process to get the most value out...

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