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Buyers: Do THIS to Win the Home in a Hot Seller’s Market

There’s no denying it: We’re currently experiencing a strong seller’s market. Here in Connecticut, homes are selling fast and significantly over asking price. It’s an incredible time to list your home but if you’re looking to buy, what can you do?

Beyond the pre-approvals and removing contingencies, We’ve got a few creative ideas for winning your dream home, even now.

Expand your search area.

Remote work is no longer a luxury; today, it’s a real part of most jobs. If your job relinquished its geographical boundaries, why not release some of your home search boundaries, too? Instead of just searching close to the major CT cities , let’s look for homes available in the beautiful country towns on the outskirts. When you widen your search radius, you increase your chances of finding the right home for you. When you work from home, your home can be anywhere.

Decrease your budget.

This tip might seem counterintuitive to finding your dream home but if you lower your budget, you’ll have a lot more room to bid up if you encounter a situation with multiple offers. 

Seek the help of a professional.

Our final (and unofficial tip) is to hire an agent who understands the market and can navigate you through every one of its complexities to ultimately win the home that’s just right for you. If you want to talk about our proven strategies for winning in a hot seller’s market, email any time! Contact us here: carlguild@gmail.com