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Working at CGA has set me up for success and has allowed me to reach new heights in my career and in life. CGA offers consistent support systems for growth as well as a loving and encouraging environment to work in. – Laura Beth Collinson 860-262-2753

Coming up on the end of my first year with Carl Guild & Associates, I can honestly say that I am thrilled to be a part of such an incredible, community-focused brokerage. Carl and the team are an amazing group of agents who are engaging, generous and supportive, especially to a rookie like myself.  New to the real estate world from this side of the transaction, I’ve been able to jump into the current market with confidence, knowing that the CGA family is behind me.When I started looking for a brokerage, having an experienced mentor, was at the top of my list. The mentorship program at CGA is exactly what I needed to start this journey. I could not be happier with my mentor and the support that she and the entire team has given me. All of the agents are available to answer questions, cover someone’s showing, pick up a lock box or to get involved with the communities we serve.Carl is also an incredibly generous broker, each year, $500 per agent is available to be used towards a fundraiser or charitable donation of our choice – how cool is that?! I’m proud to be a part of a brokerage that focuses on giving back and uses their platform for the good of the community.I am looking forward to my second year in real estate and I’m confident saying I made the best choice in joining Carl Guild & Associates. – Kara Pederson 860-575-5904

In all my several years of experience in Real Estate, I can honestly say that Carl Guild Associates is one of the most outstanding companies to work for. Carl puts his agents first while providing them with all the support, patience, technology and tools needed to have a successful business. He continually finds ways to give his agents that competitive edge to be winners! – Lynn Gardiner 860-729-1215

I knew right away I wanted to join CGA because of the “down to earth vibes” and genuine feeling of being in the business to help others. The level of teamwork, support, and ongoing training is an asset for any agent, new or experienced! – Lea Poresky 860-368-9437

Working for Carl has made my work environment enjoyable yet professional. I have searched for over 30 years for the best place to work. Well the search is over…. He is professional, experienced, helpful and really cares for his agents. This company has so much to offer! – Diane Gombieski 860-977-4857

When I first moved to Connecticut from New Hampshire a year ago, I knew 12 people. I had just left a tech job making a very good salary and real estate was my side job, something that gave us extra cash, but nothing I really “worked”. I decided to make Real Estate my full time career when moving to Connecticut and starting over in a completely new area was scary to say the least. Carl has put together a mentor program to help new agents which showed me how to run a business, develop relationships, generate leads, and close transactions in a consistent and methodical approach. I am starting my second year with Carl Guild & Associates and just had my first 10k month. Looking back to a year ago, I wasn’t sure of my decisions at that time. Today, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join Carl’s team. I’m looking forward to what the future will bring. – Patrick Florio 603-557-6663

Carl really cares about his agents success, takes the time to train everyone individually, and provides all kinds of resources to stay on track. He has created an atmosphere where you are not just another agent, you are part of a family. – Sandra Lindstrom 860-334-5815

Carl was able to dumb down the process of doing real estate! My previous brokerage thought MORE (tech, tools, paperwork) was better… no, more was just more.. Keeping it simple and focusing on the basics has changed everything! – Catherine McNarry 860-306-4436

If you are looking to work in a brokerage that supports you 100% in everything you do, has the best mentors you can ask for, and the best group of agents that work together as a team, you definitely should join Carl Guild & Associates “ – Ela Heselton 860-305-8852

Working at CGA has created endless opportunities for me in my real estate career! Having the family-like support system Carl and team offers, while truly being my own boss in my daily business affairs, is the perfect blend for success in this industry. New agents are welcomed with open arms and the experienced agents are eager to help you succeed! I wouldn’t want to be part of any other team!” – Fred Ferguson 860-638-9362

Changing brokerages to CGA was the best decision I’ve made as a Realtor. I’ve been with the company two years, my only regret is I didn’t switch companies sooner! Carl and his agents are great to work with, very helpful and supportive of each other. That was something very lacking at my previous brokerage. – Jeff King 860-710-1323

Partnering with CGA is great! Agents here are provided with instant access to the tools, training, resources and information needed to grow and sustain your business. Whether you are pursuing real estate as a part time hustle or full time career, CGA stands apart from other brokerages. Talk to Carl or any of the CGA agents and you’ll quickly understand why this is the best brokerage in CT real estate. – Jay Gigliotti 860-235-3570

Angela Crane

After working at a large brokerage firm for many years, it was like a breathe of fresh air moving my business over to CGA. The freedom of a non-corporate structure allows agents to thrive! – Angela Crane 860-212-6359