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Laurie Stanavage,

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392 South Main St, #2
Colchester CT, 06415

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About Laurie:

With the nest now empty and a passion for staying active, Laurie Stanavage has turned to real estate to fulfill her belief that everyone deserves a home. She’s geared up to simplify the complex journey of first-time homebuyers, aiming to make their dreams come true—one home at a time.

Unique Blend of Experience:

From waitressing to lawn mowing, and currently excelling as a commercial underwriter at The Hartford, Laurie’s diverse career portfolio is united by one constant: exceptional listening skills. She’s a firm believer in understanding client needs, placing others first, and ensuring satisfaction in every interaction.

Local Roots, Global Understanding:

Laurie’s heart belongs to Colchester, where she’s spent over three decades, but her roots are firmly planted in Meriden. This blend of experiences gives her a unique perspective on different community dynamics.

Passion for Real Estate:

An elective in real estate at UCONN kindled Laurie’s interest, and the joy she sees in others within the industry convinced her it was time to dive in.

Family and Hobbies:

Laurie’s life is filled with love, living with her husband Dennis, their dog Oscar, and staying connected with three grown children across CT and NYC. Their hobby-farm life—cultivating blueberries, tapping maple syrup, and soap-making—reflects a commitment to life’s simple pleasures.

Choosing Carl Guild & Associates:

The choice was clear for Laurie—Carl Guild & Associates resonated with her desire for an organized, conveniently sized, and right-feeling professional environment.

Real Estate Philosophy:

While Laurie’s real estate motto is still a work in progress, her approach is anything but uncertain—listen closely, align solutions to client desires, and success will follow.

Career and Goals:

Her rich work history across different sectors has honed her ability to tune in to client needs, a skill she’s ready to leverage to find the perfect match for each home seeker.

Laurie’s Promise:

Simplicity, humility, and kindness are Laurie’s guiding principles in life and work. She’s dedicated to staying grounded and delivering heartfelt service.

Explore a future where your home journey is understood and supported. Connect with Laurie Stanavage, where listening is the first step to finding your place.