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A Home Seller’s Autumn Checklist

Ah, autumn, a time to wear cozy sweaters, sip pumpkin spice lattes and sell your home for an incredible price in an incredibly hot market. If you’re about to list your home, here’s a helpful checklist of to-dos to ensure the experience is as easy as warm, apple pie: 

* Rake fallen leaves in your front and back yards and make sure your lawn is well-mowed. A groomed lawn is inviting for prospective buyers and will make them want to walk through your front door to see what’s inside.

* Check all exterior lights to ensure they’re in working order. Consider replacing any outdoor lights that aren’t functioning or look dated!

* Clean out your garage. You might want to consider a storage unit or temporarily moving non-essential garage items to another location. Buyers will want to see your garage space, especially as some might convert a portion of their garage into a home gym.

* Plant flowers that will bloom in the early autumn months. Visit your local garden store and purchase some outdoor plants that will thrive in chilly temperatures.

* Paint or replace street numbers on your house so they’re clean and visible.

* Replace a worn-out welcome mat. It’s the small details that will make a big difference! A brand-new door mat invites buyers into your home with a memorable first impression.

* Power wash outdoor surfaces – sidewalks, siding and driveways – so they sparkle like new.

* Clean every room in your house. Clutter distracts buyers from experiencing the beauty of your home.

* Give all rooms a purpose, and think about what buyers are looking for today. For instance, if your guest room was previously empty, you might want to think about purchasing or renting low-cost office furniture to show buyers how the room can be converted into an at-home workspace.

* Shine on! Open curtains and blinds to bring as much light into your rooms as possible. A well-lit home is a happy home.

* Wash all windows (inside and out). Dirty windows will obscure your amazing views!

* Fix your squeaky doors. With a few spritzes of WD-40, those loud doors will be smooth and silent.

* And while you’re fixing your doors, turn on and off all light switches to make sure they’re fully functional. Any light switch that isn’t working should be replaced.

* Organize storage spaces. Arrange items in your pantry and closets to maximize the space and give buyers an idea of how much storage they’ll really have if they make your house their home.

* Connect with an experienced real estate agent who can help you get your home sold for the best price in the shortest amount of time. (We know a few!)

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