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Doesn’t it feel a little funny to call your dog your pet? They’re your baby, your buddy, your best friend and your fuzziest family member (most likely). They’re also everywhere…

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 67% of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet.  With such a pervasive presence in the American home, it only makes sense that pets would factor heavily into the home search. Research shows that of those families who do own a pet, most take their needs into consideration when purchasing a property. Here are a few ways you can make your house more pet-friendly—and more appealing—to animal lovers looking to settle down here in our neck of the woods.

The Big Backyard.

Dogs love to run. Kids love to play. People love to grill. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful and spacious backyard, even if you’re not trying to attract the pet-owning set. But if you are, make sure your backyard is presentable; showing the potential to run, play fetch and settle in for a snooze in the soft, grassy terrain of a well-groomed backyard is totally eye-catching to a pet owner.  

The Doggy Door. 

It’s simple yet effective: adding a doggy door to your home isn’t that ruff of an upgrade (sorry, had to). Not only will prospective buyers be delighted to know their pet can come and go as they please, but they’ll also start to imagine themselves living in your home with their pet, which is a definite win-win.

The Floors.

For pet owners and parents alike, carpet can be a no-go and less than ideal for post-muddy-dog-park days and occasional accidents at night. Installing tile or wood throughout the house could be the game-changer pet owners need to become home buyers.

The Pet Package.

If you do make some small home tweaks and wind up selling to a pet owner, this is a fun tip: If you sell your house to a pet owner, why not leave the new owners a welcome home gift with a list of local pet resources and toys? It’s the perfect move-in day surprise to make them feel welcome to your home on day one. 

Even if you’re not thinking of selling but want to learn more about how to make your home pet-friendly, our network of resources in and around Eastern CT can help you create the perfect setting for your lovable best friend to thrive, roam and play. Contact us: carlguild@gmail.comc